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Dual Shield 110C

Dual Shield 110C

High strength steels are increasingly being used as they offer the designer the possibility of making lighter, higher performance structures with good overall cost effectiveness together with lower environmental impacts. The use of high-strength steel can mean lower fabrication costs, increased payloads, more durable products, more effective space utilization and increased safety. Dual Shield 110C is ESAB's new all-positional, low hydrogen rutile cored wire for use with CO2 shielding gas mixtures. Designed for high integrity welding of high strength steels this wire produces tough weld metal down to -60 C and meets the low diffusible hydrogen grade of H4. The benefits of using this wire with CO2 shielding gas include availability, cost and the advantageous depth to width bead profile. Dual Shield 110C is extremely welder friendly. It is easy to obtain flat welds with good penetration and smooth wetting into the plate edges. The brittle slag is easily removed leaving a smooth weld appearance. Typical positional welding defects such as lack of fusion and slag inclusions are avoided. The wires have a high tolerance for poor joint preparation and high quality one-sided root runs can be made economically on ceramic backing. High strength steels can be difficult to weld and in order to achieve the desired mechanical properties, without defects requires strict control of the welding parameters including the weld cooling rate. If assistance is required please contact your local ESAB representative.

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  • High strength weld metal (Yield >690MPa)
  • Excellent low temperature toughness (>47J @ -60°C)
  • Low diffusible hydrogen levels (<4ml/100g)
  • Welder friendly
  • High deposition rates in positional welding (up to 4kg/hr)


Typical Tensile Properties

C1 shielding gas AWS As welded
Elongation Tensile Strength Yield Strength
18 % 840 MPa 761 MPa

Typical Charpy V-Notch Properties

C1 shielding gas AWS As welded
Impact Value Testing Temperature
60 J -60 °C

Typical Weld Metal Analysis %

C1 Shielding gas
1.21 %0.4 %0.055 %0.39 %2.3 %

Approvals: ABS, 4YQ690 SA H5
Classifications: SFA/AWS A5.36, E111T1-C1A6-G-H4, Weld Metal, EN ISO 18276-A, T 69 6 Z P C 2 H5, Weld Metal

Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.

Alloy Type: Low Alloy (Ni Mo)
Welding Current: DC+