The Crossbow is a CNC cutting system that is compact, portable and economical.

Automated functions and a fully-integrated, user-friendly control provide versatile oxy-fuel or plasma processing. A precision guide rail ensures stable motion of the crossbeam and full support of the cutting torch for accurate, reliable performance.

A simple, menu-driven interface is easy to learn and operate. The CNC provides:

  • Built-in library of common shapes
  • USB port for program loading
  • Quick set up pattern nesting
  • Kerf compensation
  • Drive-enabled switch

Crossbow can be equipped with plasma, oxy-fuel or both.


Crossbow plasma torch station

Plasma Cutting

ESAB's simple and reliable air-plasma systems feature non-high-frequency starting and electronically-controlled pilot arc circuits for high reliability. These systems include:

  • Motorised lifter
  • Arc voltage height control
  • Ohmic touch height sensing to set optimal piercing height
  • Tool-less quick disconnect torch to easily switch from mechanised plasma cutting to manual operation  
  • Compatible with most air plasma systems

Oxy-fuel Cutting

Standard features such as a cutting oxygen solenoid valve and adjustable timers for preheat and piercing, make oxy-fuel cutting with Crossbow quick and easy.